About OGP

The Arts Commission contracts approximately 200 arts organizations annually through the Organizational Grant Program (OGP) to provide arts services. Made possible through the generosity of the Board of Supervisors, grants for concerts, theatre and dance productions, exhibitions, in-school and out-of-school arts education and core operations help these organizations enrich the lives of County residents in large and small communities alike. The program provides support to ensure arts organizations are able to provide cultural services for the diverse population that comprises Los Angeles County.

OGP provides two-year grants to nonprofit arts organizations, and applications are accepted annually between October and November. 


OGP grants are two years. The OGP funds one or more specific events or activities, including operating activities that are described as having a purpose. See the OGP project category descriptions for examples of projects that are appropriate for each project category.

  • A project may be a part of an applicant's regular season or activities. Organizations that undertake a single short-term project in a year–a dance festival, for example–could apply for support for that event. Or they could identify certain components of their operations, such as securing rehearsal space, marketing activities, paying artists and/or seeking funding for the associated activities, as their project.
  • Organizations may apply for any or all phases of a project, from its planning through its implementation. Activities requested in year one, do not have to be the same as the activities that are requested in year two. For example, an organization requesting support for an exhibition can request support for research and development activities in year one, and support for exhibition and outreach activities in year two.
  •  A project does not have to be a new activity. Existing projects can be just as competitive as new activities.
  • Projects can be a combination of various types of activities.
  • Projects do not need to serve large numbers of people. The Arts Commission welcomes small projects that can make a difference in a community or field.


  • Scholarly research.
  • Projects performed or exhibited outside of Los Angeles County.
  • Programs not accessible to the public.
  • Purchase of major equipment, land, buildings or construction, maintenance of existing facilities or other capital expenditures.
  • Travel or housing costs.
  • Hospitality or food costs.
  • Funds going directly into trusts, endowments or cash reserves.
  • Projects with religious or evangelical purposes.
  • Participation in another Arts Commission program.


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