Arts Datathon

Arts Datathon: Policy has been Postponed

Arts Datathon 2020

Arts Datathon: Policy will explore the role of data in making public policy, with four different tracks to choose from:

Data Dreams at the LA Phil

Participants will learn practical applications of data visualization and collaboratively investigate stories that can be told with an orchestra’s performance history dataset.

Arts Education Data Resources and Skill Building

Bringing together teaching artists, arts education providers, and district and school staff, participants will work with online arts education data tools, with an emphasis on practical uses.

What Can I Do With My Data?

Most arts organizations have more data than they realize. Participants will learn how to mine existing data for findings, while also learning how to plan, collect, and analyze data that could be useful for work and decision making.

Mapping Poets: The Cartopoets Project

Participants will increase public engagement with and exposure to local poets and poetry by creating an enriched online data map of living poets and literary community.


Registration for Arts Datathon: Policy has currently been postponed indefinitely. We will let you know when we have updates to share. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Datathon Partners and Sponsors

Arts Datathon: Policy is made possible by:

LA County Department of Arts and Culture      Los Angeles Philharmonic      LA County Arts Ed Collective

The Music Center      Los Angeles | Poets and Writers      Los Angeles Public Libary

LACMA      Hack for LA      The Teaching Artist Guild

LA County CEO Office      Arts For LA      The Music Man Foundation


Learn all about our previous Arts Datathons below:

2019: Democratize


Arts Datathon: Democratize took place on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, at the LA Public Library and focused on democratizing arts data. Participants spent the day working in one of four project tracks, including: Data Science for Arts Education, Public Art on WikiData, Border Data, and Visualizing Data Through Craft. For Arts Datathon: Democratize, the team of live archivists returned, interviewing participants, taking photos, and gathering information throughout the day for this year's online archive.


Democratize Your Data

A zine created specifically for Arts Datathon: Democratize.


Arts Datathon: Democratize

Project Tracks


Data Science for Arts Education

Data scientists, arts administrators, and educators explored research questions and potential methods to advocate for equity in arts education in LA County public schools.


Border Data

Participants explored experiences of the California/Mexico border through qualitative data collected from people as they cross, as part of Tanya Aguiñiga's AMBOS Project.


Public Art on Wikidata

Participants learned about linked open data—what it is and how it works—and will contribute information about public art in LA County to Wikidata.


Visualizing Data Through Craft

Participants embroidered geodata about their favorite arts and culture locations in LA County on fabric printed with a map.


Arts Datathon: Democratize Live Archive

2019 Live Archive

Explore documentation of Arts Datathon: Democratize created by a team of live archivists as well as datathon participants.

2018: Collections


Arts Datathon: Collections took place on April 27 at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall. Focusing on collections data, participants participated in several tracks, working on projects related to civic art, street art, veterans memorabilia, music, cultural assets, and historic architecture. Also, as a part of Arts Datathon: Collections, a team of live archivists worked to archive the event as it happened, publishing the results in an open-source online archive.


World Peace Through MetaData

A zine created specifically for Arts Datathon: Collections.


Arts Datathon: Collections


Arts Datathon: Collections Live Archive

2018 Live Archive

Explore documentation of Arts Datathon: Collections that was generated by a team of live archivists as well as datathon participants.

2017: Access


On Saturday, April 22, 2017, more than 100 participants assembled at The Reef, the downtown LA campus of Claremont Graduate University's Center for Business and Management of the Arts, to spend the day exploring how data can be used to improve access to the arts for all ten million residents of LA County.


A Guide to Spreadsheets for the Spreadsheet-Phobic

A zine created specifically for Arts Datathon: Access.


Arts Datathon: Access



Final Report

What the Datathon was and how it was organized.



A toolkit offering tips for any organization or group interested in hosting its own Datathon.