The High Desert Coloring Book

The High Desert Coloring Book

July 12, 2022 Civic Art
The drawings for this book were created by artist Cheryl Molnar and inspired her glass mosaic mural, "Birds in Flight," a commission by the LA County Department of Arts and Culture for the High Desert Restorative Care Village in Lancaster, California.
Arts and Health Week

Supervisor Solis Authors Motion to Proclaim 'Arts and Health Week' in LA County

This Weeklong Celebration Includes Offsite Events Throughout LA County, Featuring the June 15 Arts and Health Summit from LA Opera and the Department of Arts and Culture.
Alis Clausen Odenthal

Alis Clausen Odenthal: Commissioner Spotlight

June 10, 2022 Announcements
Alis Clausen Odenthal has been devoted to voice and music her entire life. She has forged a long career teaching, managing, and supporting the arts by following two rules: diversify your arts skillset, and say "yes" as much as possible.
Rosalyn "Ros" Escobar

Rosalyn Escobar: Staff Spotlight

June 10, 2022 Announcements
Rosalyn "Ros" Escobar grew up in Koreatown with the arts all around her. Her mom sang, her dad played guitar and piano, and her sister was very dramatic. Her mom found the girls a performing arts magnet, the Bancroft Middle School. "I met kids from all over the city there. It’s where my love of diversity started. My best friends were from South LA, Russia, India. It was such rich experience," says Ros.
Arts and Culture Newsletter - June

Arts and Culture Newsletter: June, 2022

June 09, 2022
We first acknowledge last month's Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month which we celebrated by uplifting a few of the many remarkable artists and organizations of the AAPI community. We also acknowledge May as Jewish American Heritage Month, as well as June as Pride Month, and recognize all of the rich cultural diversity we have the honor of engaging through the arts here in Los Angeles County—year round. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue to expand our work catalyzing cross-sector arts collaboration to advance equity across civic life.
Randi Tahara

Former County Leader Randi Tahara Joins The Los Angeles County Arts Commission

June 08, 2022 Announcements, Communications
In June, 2022 Randi Tahara joined the Arts Commission, the LA County Board of Supervisors' longstanding advisory body for the arts. The Commission seats 15 members, diverse arts community leaders choasen by the Board to represent each of the five districts in the County. Tahara was appointed by BOard of Supervisors Chair, Holly J. Mitchell.
Eric Eisenberg

Eric Eisenberg: Commissioner Spotlight

April 30, 2022 Announcements
Eric Eisenberg was born in Los Angeles and raised by his actress mom. He saw a lot of community theater, with his brothers in tow, and took part in countless fundraisers and telethons—most notably, the Variety Club. Eisenberg was an actor early on, then transitioned into the visual arts as an artist and gallery owner in Venice, California, becoming part of its 1980s-era street art scene. He’s an avid horseback rider and dirt biker, but his main passion and focus is as a martial artist, practicing and teaching every week at a dojo in Little Tokyo.
Kim Glann

Kim Glann: Staff Spotlight

April 30, 2022 Announcements
Kim Glann is a self-described theater nerd—she loves collaborating with people who have different skill sets to create something larger than themselves. The Department of Arts and Culture’s Creative Strategist-Artist in Residence program, which she manages, is steeped in a similar kind of collaboration.